Frequently Asked Questions

JDI MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With NeuStem™ Cell Nutrition Support supplement is a patented and proprietary formulation that appears to us to be an advanced daily vitamin supplement based upon our market review of currently available products. Just two (2), 1180 mg. tablets taken daily in the AM on an emptystomach as tolerated with liquid of choice, will meet most people’s minimum daily requirements. In addition to containing the key daily multi vitamins and minerals we all need, it is also derived from what we think is a major advance in clinical nutrition as described in more detail below. First, there is more Phycocyanin in the NeuStem product. Similarly, there is more chlorophyll as well as other amino acid nutrients. This includes the progenitor or stem cell increases associated with Phycocyanin.Second, the NeuStem product contains Beta Glucan, 1,3/1,6. In addition to the increasing adult stem cell references on the Home page, these features are also important and a mere fraction of the potential benefits referenced in the literature. In combination, we simply think it’s the best!

Adult stem cells are specialized cells found in everyone’s bone marrow. They have what is known as “plasticity” and can become almost any other cell or tissue in your body. Adult stem cells have nothing to do with babies or their embryos.

Adult stem cells appear to be one of the natural repair systems of our bodies since the day we were born as discussed by many scientists. As we age, these adult stem cells seem to decline as some recent reports indicate. Stem Cell Nutrition, as we see it, is a new category of nutritional supplementation first discovered through a study performed in 2005. Many believe it can possibly aid in health, tissue and organ repair function. Phycocyanin and Beta Glucan, 1,3/1,6, as in our formulation, have been demonstrated to increase adult stem cell circulation in at least one or more human study. No one can predict an exact amount of increase as everyone and conditions differs, but proof of increase by these ingredients does exist. In addition, many potential health benefits could be offered by these key ingredients.

Telomeres, commonly likened to the plastic tips on shoelaces, protect chromosomes from damage and decrease each time a cell divides and replicates. The length of telomeres is directly linked to age. When we are born our telomeres are long, but they shorten with each cell cycle as cells continually divide. Telomere length is the nearest measure that science has ever found to determine lifespan in humans, horses, dogs and cats. It acts as the internal "hourglass" or "biological clock" for aging. It is postulated that JDI? MultVitamin-MultiMinerals could possibly help maintain existing telomere length by up to 5% according to one recent study of multi vitamins and telomere length in women. Of course, further studies are necessary, and there is that evidence as reported in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2009. Any exact estimated per cent for everyone is not appropriate, yet some evidence does exist.

As we age telomere length has been reported to decrease. Likewise, reports have suggested susceptibility to many degenerative diseases increase as telomere length decreases. Telomere lengthening support could be another new category of nutritional supplementation to aid in attaining maximum life span with the least possible debilitation in advancing years. It is a very new field and more time and study will be required to make that final determination.

As mentioned prior, Stem Cell Nutrition was first discovered as a new supplement category in 2005. We believe our new JDI Multi Vitamin-Multi Mineral With NeuStem™ Cell Nutrition Support supplement could be opening another new category by combining the benefits of a new combination of ingredients with multiple factors into one convenient product. It is believed by some that lower circulating adult stem cells can leave you open to slower tissue and organ repair as well as more rapid aging decline. It has been documented that those in the best cardio health have the highest levels of circulating adult stem cells. The product also has ingredients suggestive of offering potential for immune system and anti-inflammatory support. Each person should be able to determine for himself/herself the benefits of JDI Multi Vitamin-Multi Mineral With NeuStem™ Cell Nutrition. The amount of benefit may vary from person to person.

A person takes just two tablets in the morning on an empty stomach if tolerated, with food if necessary, or can break the dose to one in the AM and one in the afternoon. Many find it convenient to take both at the same time. In addition to providing daily vitamins and minerals we all need, over a period of just a couple of hours, the active ingredients could help to increase the release of new adult stem cells from your own bone marrow into your blood stream. It could be conceived these can then go on to create new tissue cells with possibly longer telomeres. A sister adult stem cell remains in your bone marrow so you never deplete your source of adult stem cells. At the same time, the multivitamin-multimineral ingredients also do what they are scientifically designed to do. It is a 100% natural process that your body has been doing since you were born to help heal cuts and other bodily injury. Newly released adult stem cells tend to multiply in circulation and move to wherever they are needed to repair your body as one of the many possible natural renewal systems of the body.

Yes. The ingredients in the formulation are considered generally regarded as safe (known as GRAS by the FDA). The contract manufacturer is FDA and GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) compliant. Certificates of Analysis for each ingredient are supplied for each ingredient purchased and used in the formulation. The final product is tested to meet USP requirements as to disintegration within an hour in water plus checked by the manufacturer to be bacteria free. The ingredients of the product are the same type ingredients that have been consumed safely by consumers for decades. There are studies in the literature on each nutrient.

JDI MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With NeuStem™ Cell Nutrition Support supplement is only available from the JDI International Division of SAS Health and Beauty Corp. and its designated Independent Business Owners. The formulation is patented and 100% proprietary. To the best of our knowledge, the product appears it could have a substantial number of ingredients per tablet in this new class of MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With NeuStem™ Cell Nutrition Support and that it does not appear to be duplicated anywhere else.

We believe JDI MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With NeuStem™ Cell Nutrition Support is an advance over JDI MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With Vita-Stim Concentrate. Likewise, we think NeuStem™ Cell Helper is an advance over Vita-Stim. If you are satisfied with your current regimen, there is no reason to change that. At the same time, it is believed the newer products are designed to be more cost effective foundation type supplements that we do not currently see formulated on the market elsewhere today, and at a price many can afford.

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