This is a short Summary and a quick read on the rebirth of JDI.

These are the 8 auto ship levels we want to start with:

  1. JDI 1 = Bronze= One JDI Multi with NeuStem Nutrition $29.95 plus $6.95 S&H = $36.90

  2. JDI 2= Silver = Two JDI Multi with NeuStem Nutrition $59.90 plus $9.95 S&H = $69.85

  3. JDI 3 = Gold = One JDI Multi with NeuStem Nutrition and One NeuStem $69.90 plus $9.95 S&H = $79.85

  4. JDI 4 = Platinum = Two NeuStem.Nutrition $79.90 plus $9.95 S&H =$89.85

  5. JDI 5 = Bronze International = One JDI Multi with NeuStem Nutrition $29.95 plus Int'l S&H $15.95 = $45.90

  6. JDI 6 - Silver International = Two JDI Multi with NeuStem Nutrition $59.90 plus Int'l S&H $15.95 = $75.85

  7. JDI 7 = Gold International = One JDI Multi with NeuStem Nutrition and One NeuStem $$69.90 plus Int'l S&H $15.95 = $85.85

  8. JDI 8 - Platinum International = Two NeuStem.Nutrition $79.90 plus Int'l S&H $15.95 = $95.90



Our lead product will be JDI Multi with NeuStem Nutrition. The bottle will be similar to the JDI Multi with Vita-Stim but only a different color:

NeuStem Nutrition is an advance on the former product and details will be further explained. Better graphics will be provided.



The other lead product will be NeuStem Stem Cell Helper. The bottle will be the same:

We believe both products are an advance over prior ground floor entries and will provide information to document that.



The Compensation Plan is updated to increase your ability for success and the details are on the website. This is a Summary of the Plan:

Level 1 pays you 20% from those you personally refer.
Level 2 pays you 5% from those they refer.
Level 3 pays you 5% from those level 2 refer.
Level 4 pays you 5% from those level 3 refer.
Level 5 pays you 5% from those level 4 refer.
Level 6 pays you 5% from those level 5 refer
Level 7 pays you 5% from those level 6 refer

Everyone who joins under you is placed on the first level of your 7 Level Structure. You can build it as wide as you like on your first level. Earn an unlimited income! We will use the JDI MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With Stem Cell Nutrition Support as the example of a product selling for $29.95 plus S&H.Bonuses are available on performance that is to be further determined. The Compensation Plan is so powerful in and of itself, as you can see on the Plan Information Drop Down, that any performance bonus can simply be considered leadership add-ons. (BTW, we used $30.00 in the performance examples to keep the math simpler)


  JDI also knows there are those who like a way to make more money faster and ethically. That is why we have a Fast Start or Instant Reward commission. On every first order the person who does the referral receives 40% and his/her upline referrer receives 10% commission. That covers your efforts and gets you into profit quickly.


The JDI Multi with NeuStem Nutrition and the Neustem Cell Helper will also be available in a Shopping cart without a need to be a Member. If you are not a Member the prices will be higher with the JDI Multi with NeuStem Nutrition will sell for $34.90 plus $6.95 S&H and the NeuStem Cell Helper will sell for $49.95 plus $6.95 S&H. We need to review the ability of Members who sell to non-Members to receive commissions as noted below for Members.

Members will be able to place orders for the products noted above in the Shopping Cart if they wish quantity at the lower Membership prices. There will be a commission structure that will pay the Member Customer a 20% commission and a 10% commission will go to each of three Member Affilates. So once again there is a potential 50% commission payout.

There are numerous other products noted in the pipeline. These will become available as the business proceeds and infrastructure is built.

We expect Member Users to have a state of the art back office. In addition we will work on Fulfillment packages to help Members recruit. Included in that package is a goal for a CD you can hand out. Spanish and English will be our lead languages and we intend to have a Google set up for multiple languages.

We trust this short Summary will provide background for our game plan. There is a lot of work to be done related to videos and other details. At the same time, we are proud of our progress and our goals to make JDI MLM a leader in Network Marketing in an honest and cost effective way that can provide an open opportunity and the lowest cost entry for a person who wants to build a business of his/her own.  This Summary may be updated as new information develops.


Join us TODAY and start the Journey that will set you FREE!!!


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