Overview Of Marketing And Compensation Plan

JDI International (JDI) offers multiple ways to earn with its comprehensive marketing and compensation plan. This overview is intended to outline the details as a simple reference for your own understanding as well as those who you refer. As you will see, it is not only easy to understand, but also does not create any barriers by forcing you to purchase more and more to obtain added remuneration benefits. Plus our concept provides you with:

* A FREE Website
* FREE Marketing Tools
* FREE Training
* FREE Conference Call Participation AND

1. The first feature is that you can simply purchase product without being a Member Distributor. That gives you the ability to just try a product before you decide to go on auto ship as is required to participate in the earnings plan. Right now you will see the current number of product offerings on the Home page and over time, you will see that number expand dramatically to meet and exceed the expectations of all. The person whose site you purchase from Retail will receive a 20% commission, and that person’s three up-line people will receive 10% each. You can see in this first example that JDI offers a payout of 50% on Retail orders.

2. You could skip the first step and decide to go directly to becoming a JDI Member Distributor. You can enter this phase by simply signing up for one of the products you like best for your own personal use or resale. You will see such entry can be as low as $36.90 per month with S&H for our flagship product JDI MultVitamin-MultiMineral With NeuStem™ Cell Nutrition or any of the other products and combinations shown on the Sign Up page. The earning example in the Compensation Plan is based upon the flagship product. The potential can increase with higher priced products added to the mix. (S&H are domestic and does increase with International orders)

3. Membership has its Privileges! As a Member Distributor you can earn these ways and participate in the 7 Tier Affiliate Plan that pays out:

20% on those you refer who become your Level 1
5% on those Level 1 refer and become your Level 2.
5% on those Level 2 refer and become your Level 3.
5% on those Level 3 refer and become your Level 4.
5% on those Level 4 refer and become your Level 5.
5% on those Level 5 refer and become your Level 6.
5% on those Level 6 refer and become your Level 7.

Once again you will see we pay out a full 50%. Just six active referrals on your first level, and you are in free! See the Plan Information page for more detail and disclaimer. You can see for yourself how great the overall potential is on the Plan Information page. That plus the lowest maintenance participation of any other company we know about, truly makes JDI the People’s Choice!

You then also have the ability to Retail from your website to others, thus earning you a 20% commission on all sales. As we add more and more products, you will see we are placing you in the still fast growing nutritional supplement business.

In addition, if you desire to have extra products, and not be obligated for auto ship, you can order from your own website and obtain a 20% commission on your own purchases.

4. But it does not stop here. JDI offers added Leadership Awards with awards increasing depending upon your degree of progress. Here is what we mean and how we add to your leadership income:

Earn $500 plus per month and you reach the Business Associate level and add 5%.
Earn $1000 plus per month and you reach the Business Leader level and add 6%.
Earn $2000 plus per month and you reach the Business Super Leader level and add 7%.
Earn $5000 plus per month and you reach the Business Advanced Super Leader level and add 8%.
Earn $10,000 plus per month and you reach the Business Dominator level and add 9%.
Earn $20,000 plus per month and you reach the Business Master level and add 10%.

This is far better than “appearances” of getting a car or some other trophy like a trip that costs the providing company less than a few hundred per month to give you a “thing” of lesser true value. With the extra cash, you can choose the “thing” you like best! And who knows, we may decide to add the “thing” reward if there is enough demand for a change.

  JDI also knows there are those who like a way to make more money faster and ethically. That is why we have a Fast Start or Instant Reward commission. On every first order the person who does the referral receives 40% and his/her upline referrer receives 10% commission. That covers your efforts and gets you into profit quickly.

In the planning stage is also a demonstration business. Once you are a Member Distributor, we hope to give you the ability to provide Start -Up Demonstration Packages where you can earn up to $150.00 to $275.00 per transaction. Look for more details when this is developed on becoming a JDI Ruby or Diamond Distributor. Our top leaders are fully qualified, and by obtaining a Demonstration Package and becoming a Ruby or Diamond Distributor through one of them, you give yourself that same chance to become a true leader.


Please be aware this would NOT be front end loading where people stack unsold product in their garage and “lose their shirts”. This would be a true Business Builder that assists those who desire to share the full line of products with others. It only takes a purchase of one or the other to attain that ability to both demonstrate and market a Start-Up Demonstration Package.

Stay Tuned To JDI!

All Calculations are only for illustrative purposes and are not meant to be guaranteed. You must actually do the numbers to receive the income. It all depends upon the amount of effort you want to put into your financial future.


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