You Said Just Do it.

And we did. Now, any and every time you sign up a new Member the person who does the sign up of the new JDI Member will receive a 40% to 50% commission.

It's only fair that the person who does the work to get a new JDI Member receives that extra compensation. On the recurring auto ship orders, the payout will then revert to the 7 level compensation plan discussed in the Compensation section. We think this is the breakthrough we have been looking for and it's in effect NOW! To review:

1) You get paid extra for that extra work to recruit and teach a new Member.

2) The new Member then becomes part of your 7 level compensation plan on the recurring auto ship orders. 

As you will also see, we have product combination packages already started that will help to further increase Fast Start Commissions.

We trust all JDI Members are as excited about this as we are. It sets the stage for other compensation additions once we assess the progress of this NEW FAST START BONUS.

With JDI you can Expect Success!

Join us TODAY and start the Journey that will set you FREE!!!


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